Monday, August 22, 2011

BIG GIVEAWAY coming...

BIG GIVEAWAY this week at The Green Bathtub ... starting Wednesday ... to celebrate 200+ blog followers!

I'm thinking of giving alittlebitofeverything prizes, ie. manuscript critiques (by yours truly--for writers), gift card (for non-writers living in the United States), and a book (for non-writers or serious readers who live outside the United States). And I'll let you choose the prize you'd like most. Sound good?

I want to start the BIG GIVEAWAY on Wednesday because I have a really gross Truth Tuesday planned for tomorrow. *evil laugh*

In bittersweet news, my dad left to go back to Hong Kong today. He was here for two weeks and it was so fun to have him! He helped my dashingly handsome sidekick build The Great (retaining) Wall of Prosser in the backyard and part of our new cedar fence. He also read to the grandkids, washed lots of dishes, spoke at our church several times ... oh, he was wonderful to have around. We'll miss him a lot. Come back anytime, Dad!

It's a free-for-all in the comments. Anything you want to tell me about your week? I'm all ears. (If you have your email enabled in your profile, I can respond to your comments via email. I love to do that! Just fyi.)


  1. Your dad sounds wonderful. I'm sorry he lives so far away.

    My sister and I have been making a big old tree out of paper and stapling it to the wall in my classroom. I'll probably finish it, tomorrow. Once the mess is cleaned up, I might actually be excited for school to start. I know I'm looking forward to cooler days.